How Physical Therapy Helps Vertigo

Physical Therapy for Vertigo 

Balance and stability are two important cornerstones in our daily lives, when an individual struggles with vestibular disorders, daily life tasks can become difficult. Vestibular therapy helps to address problems related to the inner ear and the vestibular system. It is a specialized form of physical therapy that helps to treat disorders that affect our sense of balance and spatial orientation. 

The process will begin with an assessment of a patient’s vestibular function, which goes through medical history and different tests to identify the specific vestibular tissue. After this, the therapist will create a plan that will be tailored towards the specific patient’s needs. Some types of exercises that can be involved are the gaze stabilization exercises, habituation exercises, balance training and coordination and agility drills. The progress of an individual’s recovery will be monitored and changed as needed for the patient. The patient will receive home exercises that they can do between therapy sessions to help achieve an optimal result. Patients will also be taught ways to cope with symptoms by the therapist. 

Vestibular Therapy has many benefits for an individual who is experiencing vestibular disorders. Improved balance and coordination is one benefit of this type of therapy. Specific exercises will be performed that enhance coordination and balance which is very important for individuals dealing with dizziness or vertigo. With improved balance and coordination, there is a reduced amount of dizziness and vertigo that the patient will experience. This technique helps to desensitize the vestibular system which can help reduce symptoms. There is a high chance of preventing falls from the individual who is experiencing dizziness when this therapy is performed, which increases the quality of life!

Vestibular therapy is a very valuable type of physical therapy that can help individuals who are struggling with balance and vestibular issues. By finding out what the root cause of the dizziness or vestibular disorder is, the specialized exercises and therapies can help an individual improve their quality of life!

If you or a loved one is experiencing a vestibular disorder feel free to reach out to us at BeneFit PT. Our skilled therapists can do a personalized assessment, that will help you to find your balance once again.