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Did you know that you DO NOT need to see a Doctor to get a prescription for Physical Therapy in New Jersey? Our state has Direct Access which means you are able to go straight to your Physical Therapist for treatment. Don't worry, your insurance DOES pay too! Got questions, want answers!?! Click the link to find out more

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We want you to know what we are doing to keep you safe as NJ continues to deal with COVID-19.

As the country and state continue to deal with COVID we hope to provide peace of mind by ensuring your safety at our clinics. We wanted to highlight some of the things we're doing to prevent any possible risks of infection while you're at BeneFIT Physical Therapy to ensure your safety.

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We will continue offering Telehealth Visits for all patients who are interested in recovering from home. Just give us a call to schedule yours today!

BeneFIT Physical Therapy provides exceptional care and dramatic gains regardless of you being present in the clinic. As COVID-19 continues to be present all insurance companies continue to offer Telehealth coverage for Outpatient Physical Therapy. If you are at greater risk of COVID-19 and want to stay home to be safe please give us a call about our Telehealth services today!



Have the Confidence to achieve your goals at BeneFIT Physical Therapy, voted 2019 Best of the Best Physical Therapy Company by the Courier News.


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BeneFIT Physical Therapy provides exceptional care and dramatic gains through steadfast dedication to advanced education and awareness coupled with a broad scope of hands-on experience. Individualized, fitness-intensive physical therapy and sports rehabilitation emphasize quick recovery and injury prevention.

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Environment of Healing

BeneFIT PT provides specialized and intense physical therapy and sports medicine in a welcoming, stress free and fun environment.
Our goal is to make sure you look forward to your training.

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Conditions We Treat

Whether an injury is preventing you from living life to the fullest or you want to achieve your peak performance on the field, BeneFIT PT will design the right program for your unique situation.

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Why Entrust Your PT to Us

Our team continually seeks out the most advanced knowledge and training available in the field of PT, and strives to stay ahead of the curve. And it pays off with happy and healthy clients.

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We start with a comprehensive evaluation to get started in the best direction for you. Fill out these forms online to get a jump on your first visit.

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10 Jan 22
Special Tests: What’s Causing My Elbow Pain?

In our last post we introduced the use of special tests for diagnosis. We explained shoulder special tests, but this week we’ll be going over the elbow. There are many ligaments and muscles that attach to the elbow. The use of special tests can help pinpoint the structure that’s causing the elbow pain. If you […]

3 Jan 22
Special Tests: What’s Causing My Shoulder Pain?

Special tests are tests done by clinicians, like physical therapists, to help determine or confirm a diagnosis. If a patient comes in with shoulder pain, special tests can help physical therapists differentiate between possible diagnoses with similar symptoms.  There are many different types of special test used in the clinic. We broke down some commonly […]

13 Dec 21
How Are You Going to F.A.C.E. The Rest of Your Life?

A lot of times we hear people say, “I am hurt because I am old” and “It’s just the old age…” when coming in to seek physical therapy help. But why is this? Generally, when aging, people tend to decrease their level of activity compared to their “youthful” selves. Hence, when people feel like it […]

We Offer Professional Physical Therapy At The Following Locations:

Bridgewater, NJ . . . serving all of Somerset County NJ since 2009.

Chester, NJ . . . serving all of Morris County NJ since 2012.

We have over 20 years of physical therapy experience!

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    We have the best physical therap reviews in Bridgewater NJ / Somerset County and Chester NJ / Morris County NJ. We have the best physical therap reviews in Bridgewater NJ / Somoerset County and Chester NJ / Morris County NJ.
    Bridgewater, NJ

    Chester, NJ

    “From the first phone call to the last session, every experience exceeded our expectations! Brian treated our injured teenage football player. Our son never complained about going to physical therapy, but instead looked forward to it! Brian created an environment that was fun, educational, and effective. Upon completion of treatment our son was in his best condition ever!! This is the place to go whether you’re 13 or 93.”

    -Debbie F., Bridgewater, NJ