Your First Visit for Physical Therapy

Your initial physical therapy visit will be the Evaluation.  It will incorporate various tests and measures to find objective measurements (any muscle imbalances or irregularities that may have contributed to your injury, and subsequent irregularities you now present with immediately post injury, and compensations you may have developed while dealing with a chronic injury).  We will also discuss your treatment goals, your previous level of function and where you want to be.

Your dynamic, individualized treatment program will be based on the results of this specific evaluation as well as your doctor’s orders and/or any protocols he may have, and your personal goals.  This combination of input will allows us to emphasize a quick recovery and provide future injury prevention.

On the first visit there will be basic forms to complete and we ask that all new patient try to arrive 10-15 minute early.  Additionally, please bring:

  • any applicable doctor’s prescription
  • MRIs and/or X-Rays
  • your insurance card
  • your driver’s license

In an effort to streamline the paperwork process, you can access many of the forms below.

Please note: We ask that you wear loose fitting comfortable clothing that you would not mind possibly sweating in and, if you have a leg injury, wear sneakers? Most patients state they wear clothing as if they were going to the gym or working out.

Outpatient Orthopedic Physical Therapy Forms


Demographic (PDF)

Medical History (PDF)

Informed Consent (PDF)

Financial Authorization and Scheduling Policies (PDF)

Explanation Of Benfits (PDF)

HIIPA PRivacy Practice (PDF)

Physical Therapy Outcome Forms


Neck Disability (PDF)

Owestry Back Disability Index (PDF)

Lower Extremity Functional Scale (hip, knee, ankle, foot, or any leg injury) (PDF)

DASH (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, or any arm injury) (PDF)

FABQ (any injury that is the result of a car or work accident)