Our Physical Therapy Treatments – Cupping/Flossing Therapy

Both cupping and flossing have recently emerged as promising alternative Physical Therapy treatments for promoting pain relief, flexibility, and faster healing. Our Physical Therapists have obtained their Functional Movement Training (FMT) RockPods Myofascial Cupping Certification and FMT RockFloss Compression Band Flossing Certificationfor both cupping and flossing.  By incorporating cupping and flossing into your treatment plan, our team of physical therapists can optimize outcomes and provide holistic care for our patients.

What is Cupping?using cupping during physical therapy exercises can help improve blood flow to injured muscles.

Cupping involves placing glass or silicone cups on the skin to create a vacuum effect.  In the case of glass cups a fire source is used to remove the oxygen from inside the cup creating a suction to the skin.  Similarly, silicone cups provide a suction through a drawing of a pressure in their application (similar to how suction cups work on glass).  When applying suction to the skin, cupping creates a reverse pressure gradient which draws blood, toxins, and inflammation to the surface, stimulating fresh blood flow and promoting healing.

What are the benefits of cupping?

  1. Pain Relief: Cupping can help alleviate muscle pain by improving blood circulation and reducing muscle tension
  2. Promotes Relaxation:The suction effect of cupping stimulates the nervous system, promoting deep relaxation and reducing stress levels.
  3. Enhances Range of Motion: By loosening tight muscles, cupping can improve flexibility and joint mobility, aiding in injury rehabilitation.
  4. Reduces Inflammation: Cupping promotes lymphatic drainage and reduces inflammation, making it ideal for conditions such as arthritis and swelling.
  5. Complements Other Therapies: Cupping can be used in conjunction with other physical therapy techniques, such as manual therapy or exercise, to optimize treatment outcomes.

What is Flossing?

Flossing can be an effective treatment for Physical TherapyFlossing, also known as compression band therapy, involves wrapping a special type of elastic band around a specific area of the body, usually a joint or muscle group. The band is then either moved by the Physical Therapist or by the patient performing self-stretching exercises.  Due to the compression of the band on the skin coupled with the movement Flossing will create a shearing effect between the superficial and deep layers of the skin creating improved soft tissue and fascia mobility, improved blood flow, and promotes healing.  It is especially useful post surgery to help improve skin mobility and reduce scar tissue.


What are the benefits of flossing?

Joint Mobilization: Flossing can help improve joint mobility by breaking up adhesions, scar tissue, and reducing swelling.

Enhanced Tissue Extensibility: The compression applied during flossing helps lengthen and stretch soft tissues (like skin and fascia) improving flexibility and reducing muscle tightness.

Pain Reduction: By increasing blood flow, flossing helps reduce pain by allowing for the release of endorphins and promoting tissue healing.

Rehabilitation Aid: Flossing can be utilized as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program to complement exercises and other forms of therapy, expediting recovery.

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