Our Physical Therapy Services – Neck

Neck pain impacts your ability to work and concentrate and can easily interfere with your everyday lifestyle. Common neck injuries include herniated or “bulging” discs, whiplash after a car accident, or arthritis. However, not all neck pain is felt just in your neck. Frequently, issues arising from your neck can create painful issues in your shoulders, down your arms, and into your hands. Additionally, headaches can also be a symptom of an underlying neck issue. Because there are many reasons for neck pain and because treatment can vary widely, we at BeneFIT Physical Therapy utilize an approach commonly called “the McKenzie Method”.

Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment, or the McKenzie Method, is a philosophy of active patient involvement with a unique approach that starts immediately during your initial evaluation. The Certified McKenzie Therapist, through a detailed history and identification of distinct pain patterns, will have a valid indicator as to whether or not the method will work for you. It’s this combination of a highly specialized post-professional education coupled with our broad scope of experience that enables our physical therapists to provide exceptional care with your individual patient goals being established at your first session and continuing through your treatment.