Could Adding Cupping Therapy to your Physical Therapy be Beneficial?

cupping in physical therapy will improve blood flow and improve mobility in the skin and muscles making you feel better.Cupping is often used in Physical Therapy to help reduce pain, improve soft tissue mobility, and can promote overall healing in the areas applied.  Read on to find out more about what cupping actual is!

What is Cupping? 

Rooted in traditional medicine, Cupping  has made a comeback and has captured the attention of the physical therapy and wellness community. Cupping is considered to be a natural therapy, that involves the placing of cups on an individual’s skin to create a localized suction effect. The type of cups historically used were made of glass or bamboo and required the use of flame to burn off the oxygen to create the suction necessary.  Today’s cups are composed of silicone or plastic that create the suction on the skin themselves. The cups are placed in specific areas of the body unique to each patient, creating a vacuum that pushes the skin and underlying tissues up, stimulating blood circulation, which then leads to help promote healing in that specific area. 

What Are the Benefits of Cupping in Physical Therapy?

Cupping has proven to have many benefits that should be helpful for any physical therapy patient in their individual healing process as they progress through their physical therapy program. The vacuum effect that the cups provide, promotes muscle relaxation, alleviates muscle spasms, and helps guide blood flow to the affected area. All of these help to reduce pain and tension in that area of the body. 

Along with the reduction of pain and tension in the specific spot each cup is applied, cupping has been proven to help reduce inflammation and improve one’s immune response. With the promotion of blood circulation and increase of blood flow, nutrients, and oxygen are being pushed to the tissues while also helping to remove toxins and metabolic waste that can often build up when the body is healing itself.  This overall effect can be beneficial for patients who are recovering from surgery or other traumatic injuries in the specific area of their issue as well as globally for individuals that come to physical therapy with chronic inflammatory conditions or want immune system support.  

Another benefit of Cupping is that it is seen as a very calming therapy that has relaxation-inducing effects. When the cups are placed on the skin and the gentle suction is created, it has a calming and soothing impact on the nervous system that helps to reduce one’s stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Nutrients are pushed to the surface through increased blood circulation which helps to promote skin health and vitality. Even helping to reduce the look of a scar on your skin. 

Cupping therapy has been used as a healing art since ancient times. It has offered many benefits for individuals who are looking for more of a natural and holistic approach to healing and well-being.  If this sounds like something you would be interested in, come make an appointment with BeneFit Physical Therapy where our trained professional physical therapists can guide you on adding Cupping into your recovery and be able to experience the benefits firsthand.  Cupping is offered at both our Bridgewater NJ and Chester NJ locations.