Not All Stretching is The Same: 3 Ways to Stretch

6 Jun 22
Not All Stretching is The Same: 3 Ways to Stretch

There are many different ways to stretch muscles. Each way is different and has its own benefits. Stretching requires movement of a body segment past its usual range of motion. Force is applied to stress further the range of motion. Stretching can be performed either by your own body or with assistance. An active stretch […]

28 Mar 22
Can Electrical Stimulation Help With My Injury?

Electrical Stimulation or “e-stim” is known in physical therapy as a feel-good machine. Patients often report feeling better after it, but what is it really? E-stim is an electric modality that uses the flow of charged particles to help patients. Here are some reasons why e-stim might be used in the clinic: Pain control Decrease […]

14 Feb 22
McKenzie Method, back pain in flexed posture picture What Makes Chronic Pain Different?

Most of us have encountered at least one person with chronic pain. Chronic pain is different the acute pain and can last months to years. Chronic pain is generally defined as pain that persists for 3 months or longer. It can lead to physical decline, functional limitations and even emotional distress. Pain can be classified […]

13 Dec 21
How Are You Going to F.A.C.E. The Rest of Your Life?

A lot of times we hear people say, “I am hurt because I am old” and “It’s just the old age…” when coming in to seek physical therapy help. But why is this? Generally, when aging, people tend to decrease their level of activity compared to their “youthful” selves. Hence, when people feel like it […]

6 Dec 21
Shred Better With These Snowboard Training Tips

Temperatures have started to drop and winter sport season is upon us! For many, this means bundling up and getting out on the mountain! However, when it comes to snowboarding, what does it take to have a great season? Let’s talk about that it takes and how to prepare for snowboarding like pros do. Unfortunately, […]