Physical Therapy during COVID

BeneFIT Physical Therapy continues to follow the guidelines set up by the New Jersey Department of Health in regards to it’s COVID-19 prevention.  These guidelines are set by the CDC Community Transmission Levels for healthcare setting to assess risk of COVID-19 transmissions and are based on case rate and percent positivity to determine the risk level.

For the patient it means…

The use of an approved mask is now optional while in BeneFIT Physical Therapy

Your temperature will continue to be taking at the onset of your session.

Any equipment used by a patient is sanitized prior to it’s next use.

Following current CDC guidelines for isolation prior to resuming physical therapy.


It is our hope that these guidelines will end soon but until they do for the safety of all of our patients (from the young to the old) we will continue to follow them until we are no longer required to do so.


Thank you for your understanding!


If you have any questions or concerns or would like to schedule an appointment please feel to reach out to our office.