Our physical therapist provides professional neck physical therapy. Weight and Physical Activity Might Impact Neck Pain

The neck is commonly treated at physical therapy. The neck is vulnerable to injury due to the nature of our world. For example, we have discussed sitting posture and “text neck” in our past blogs. According to the American Physical Therapy Association, roughly 30% of the US population is affected by neck pain. Luckily, the majority of neck pain injuries can be treated with physical therapy instead of surgery (American Physical Therapy Association).

Non-Specific Neck Pain

Non-specific neck pain is neck pain that has occurred without an injury, specific pathology or identifiable source of pain. Non-specific neck pain is usually characterized by reoccurring and persistent pain. In fact, almost half of patients reporting symptoms longer than 3 months (Luc, Antoine, Bekkering, Detrembleur, & Pitance, 2022). Some risk factors for persistent non-specific neck pain include age, additional injuries and lifestyle factors. Lifestyle factors include weight, stress, sleep and physical activity level. Lifestyle factors are potentially modifiable and can be used to decrease long-standing neck pain.

Modifying Lifestyle factors

A study by Luc et al. (2022) looked at modifying lifestyle factors. The study investigated the relationship between non-specific neck pain, weight and physical activity. The study found that leisure physical activity and weight may affect the onset and duration of neck pain. Researchers found low certainty of evidence. Hence, it the association might exist though it has not been proven.

This study shows that changing weight and lifestyle activity might help change non-specific neck pain. Chronic non-specific neck pain can be difficult and debilitating. If you’re had long-standing neck pain and want to make a change, changing modifying risk factors might help!

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