TRX Suspension Training System now at BeneFIT PT

The TRX Suspension Training System is here!!  The TRX is a Suspension training system that utilizes a person’s body weight and gravity to provide a fast and effective workout that will help build and improve your core while improving your muscular endurance.  Each exercise can be easily adjusted to any individual’s capabilities to provide a challenging, but safe workout, ranging from shoulder to ankle injuries as well as for people suffering from back pain.  It’s also a great tool to work on improving your balance as well!  We have all ready been using the TRX trainer for some exercises with our patients but have learned a great deal more after attending the TRX level 1 certification course.  Based on the feedback we received while attending that TRX certification course it seems that BeneFIT Physical Therapy is the leading Physical Therapy clinic in the area to provide the TRX Suspension Training System to our patients!! To find out more information about the TRX itself visit the TRX Suspension Training System website.  If you want to find our more information on how we use the TRX training system in our clinic give us a call or stop on by!