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The physical therapists at BeneFIT Physical Therapy have been recognized by the leading professional organizations in the field and hold the following designations:



“I have been there for different sports injuries and for post-surgery. My husband has been there for post surgery and a separate injury. The therapists are amazing and supportive. They don’t throw you out based on time. When you are done, you’re done. The therapists are inclusive and kind. Be careful: they’re so nice and friendly that you may just want to hang out. They have “fixed” us, and to the extent that exercises last with you for years! I recommend this place to everyone. I drive over 40 minutes to be treated there and only there.”

-Natalee C., Frenchtown, NJ

“All the therapists and assistants are knowledgeable and great people. I went for back surgery and they got me back to normal again.”

-Tina G., Bridgewater, NJ

“I walked into benefit Physical Therapy almost a crippled because of arthritis in my hips thanks to Brian Pete and Beth I no longer have to take Advil all day and night and I’m able to sleep whereas when I walked in there I was up every 2 hours in pain. I feel so much better and I will recommend benefit physical therapy to anyone I know that needs help. I did benefit from their expert help and knowledge. I will miss everybody.”

-Susan F., Bridgewater, NJ

I recently had my knee replaced, and I was going to get my physical therapy via my doctor’s office, but my family told me no, I had to go to Benefit Physical Therapy and see Brian, as he had previously ‘worked wonders’ on both of my girls with various/numerous high school sport injuries. Well, I have to say they were 100% correct.

The facility is spacious and very clean with all types of equipment. The entire staff is friendly and overall the atmosphere is very social . . . and fun! I actually look forward to going to my PT and interacting with other patients and the Benefit staff during my PT time.

As for Brian, the owner and lead physical therapists, well he knows his stuff, that’s for sure. He takes his time and you go at your own pace/never feel rushed. Every week he has added additional items to my workout and I am progressing wonderfully. Additionally, during my first week of PT, Brian noticed I was developing a skin infection on my lower leg and sent me back to my knee replacement doctor the next day (a full week before my next scheduled visit). Sure enough he was correct and I was able to catch my infection well before it traveled up to my ‘new’ knee. That was a huge find by him!

I really can’t say enough positive things about this place, from the overall facility to Brian and his staff. Even though I have not completed my PT for my right knee, I know I will be returning when I get my left knee replaced next year.”

“Quick update: during my physical therapy at Benefit, I also had several sessions with Beth, the other Physical Therapist at the Bridgewater location. I can report that she is just as good for physical therapy as Brian . . . i.e., just as knowable, skillful and friendly . . . I was also quite pleased to have experienced her services in my recovery process.”

-Larry P., Branchburg, NJ

“So far, Brian is the best physical therapist i’ve ever been to…and I’ve been to a whole lot of physical therapists. There’s never a dull moment in the office, and he knows exactly what he’s doing. I highly recommend him for cervical spine issues and herniated discs, among other things.”

-Steve A., Bridgewater, NJ

“Very special treatment and everyone is really nice. Beth , Kim, Brian and Peter Great job guys”

-Domingo U., Chester, NJ

“Awesome team. From reception to top of the line therapist”

-Susan M., Bridgewater, NJ

“Beth is an awesome Physical therapist. Working with Beth on my shoulder after rotator cuff surgery and Feeling hopeful for a full recovery!”

-Kathy S., Chester, NJ

“Brian’s ‘Hey Pal, what’s up?’ greeting meets each of his clients with a smile and determination. Brian is not a panacea for all of life’s problems, but I highly recommend his training regimen to start yourself working on them”

-Cathy S., Bernards Township, NJ

“From the first phone call to the last session, every experience exceeded our expectations! Brian treated our injured teenage football player. Our son never complained about going to physical therapy, but instead looked forward to it! Brian created an environment that was fun, educational, and effective. Upon completion of treatment our son was in his best condition ever!! This is the place to go whether you’re 13 or 93.”

-Debbie F., Bridgewater, NJ

“This is a short note to thank you for your excellent work and professionalism. You did an excellent job challenging me to do my best in my physical therapy. I have had other operations and physical therapy in the past and I have experienced both good and poor results. Your level of interest and care was very helpful and the results were very positive. Your sense of humor also helped to make a difficult time easier and I would gladly recommend your practice to others.”

-Dan B., Bound Brook, NJ

“I sought a personal trainer primarily due to age-related losses: range of motion and balance. I am not yet 60 but having many grandchildren made me take notice of these losses; also, as the primary caretaker of my parents I recognized the importance of starting to work against time BEFORE a serious event, i.e. fall or stroke.

Many of the websites and gyms I looked at were focused on young adults, amateur athletes, etc. This youth-focus had put me at risk and in pain before.

Brian put my fears to rest. I started by having confidence in his training as a Physical Therapist to prevent any further injury.

We started slow. It took me a couple of weeks to realize just how weak I had allowed myself to become! There were some set-backs: no pain / no gain. Brian never wavered. He found ways around any difficulty.

I cannot believe the difference Brian’s training is having on my life! Simple tasks that I was avoiding, I now pay attention to and use them as gauges of my improvement. I have a renewed confidence in my ability to carry and play with my grandchildren. Most importantly, I have more energy.”

-Cathy S., Basking Ridge, NJ

“Thank you for all your help and support these past couple months. It has been difficult but you made all the difference with you kindness, humor, and experience. We wish you and your family all the best!”

-Vuola K., Hackettstown, NJ

“Thank you for being so fabulous with our 6 year-old daughter. She made such growth—we are thrilled!!”

-Allison S., Branchburg, NJ

“It was awesome how quickly I got better over a short period of time! You were so attentive, professional, and knowledgeable with all of the exercises I could do both at home and at the gym….Lastly, I like how family oriented you and your clinic is, it made coming to therapy more comfortable for me.”

-Monica H., Manville, NJ

“BeneFit is the best PT in the area! Brian is extremely knowledgeable and really takes the time to understand your “problem”. Brian is very upbeat and very encouraging to everyone young or old. The facility is very clean with new equipment, which is also a plus. This is the place to come if you need PT!”

-Gary T., Bridgewater, NJ

“Had a wonderful experience here. Wouldn’t trust my therapy with anyone else.”

-James C., Bridgewater, NJ

“Brian is a very good and compassionate physical therapist who has helped me so much. He is very knowledgeable in his field and is always willing to discuss my issues with me. He has helped me gain full range of motion after several major surgeries and I really cannot say enough good things about him. He has taught me several exercises to deal with my pain and bring it back under control. I don’t really know where I would be without him and would recommend him to anyone who is in need of physical therapy. His facility is clean and has a pleasant and happy atmosphere. Brian really knows how to work well with people and has a likeable personality. Kudos to him.”

-Kathy P., Whitehouse, NJ

“BeneFit is the best place for anyone needing physical therapy whether you are 50 something or an athlete in your teens. Brian is the very best physical therapist you will find. Have experienced other physical therapists in the area and no one comes close to the experience we have at BeneFit. My 13 year-old football/track son loves how Brian has helped him and asks when his next appointment is. Brian also helped me recover from a very invasive surgery. He’s the best for young and “older” people. Would never go anywhere else!!!!”

-Val M., Bridgewater, NJ

“Great place! Had a good time coming here during the course of my therapy. Highly recommend!”

-Jill U., Bridgewater, NJ

“Thank you so very much for your generosity and kindness, You are a wonderful Physical Therapist. You have done so much for my shoulder, I can do anything I need to do and want to do now! Thank You”

-Marilyn W., Somerville, NJ

“I am so impressed with how quickly you were able to figure out what was wrong with my back and knee and how well the exercises you gave me worked. I wish I had seen you before my surgery because since seeing you I no longer have pain!!”

-Nancy E., Edison, NJ

“Thanks so much for doing what you do best. I really appreciate all the support and encouragement you gave me on my long journey of recovery! I had lots of questions and you always had an answer o a way to solve my concerns. Thanks.”

-Lisa D., Chester, NJ

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