Treat Your Own Back with the McKenzie Method

15 Feb 21
McKenzie Method, back pain in flexed posture picture Treat Your Own Back with the McKenzie Method

Back pain is the #2 cause of disability in for adults in the United States. Most of us have felt a little back twinge after a long road trip or after a day at the computer, but what happens when that back pain persists? Did you know: 40-80% of people experience back pain at some […]

26 Oct 20
Virtual Learning Stretches for Your Little Student

I’m sure you’re tired of seeing your kids slouched at their computers, drooling in front of a google classroom or zoom meeting. After about two months of virtual learning, your child may be experiencing zoom fatigue, tech neck or have trouble concentrating. In our last blog post we talked about proper sitting posture for our […]

19 Oct 20
Proper sitting Posture for Kids

School has been back in session for about a month now.  Hopefully, you and your young pupils have figured out how to navigate through some form of hybrid or 100% virtual schooling by now.  If your kids are anything like mine, you have most likely been fielding a number of complaints in an effort to […]

25 Jun 20
“Text Neck”, What the Heck? Preventing Bad Posture

We live in a world where, whether used for business or pleasure, cell phones are a huge part of our daily lives.   Personally I don’t go anywhere without my cellphone. 📱🌞  It counts my steps. 🏃‍♀️   I use whatsapp to talk to coworkers and friends. I keep my appointment book in it, all of my […]

20 Oct 18
Proper Backpack Wearing

Now that school has begun, has your child been complaining about their neck, upper back or shoulders? Well, it could be their backpack! Frequently, children can experience pain in their necks, upper back, or shoulders from carrying too much weight in an ill-fitting backpack.  More than 79 million students carry backpacks to school and of […]