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7 Nov 19
preseason training for the slopes, skiing training, snowboarding training Preseason Training for the Slopes Part 2

Hopefully you have started that preseason training program for the slopes!  If not get going now!  While you still have plenty of time!  Whether you ski or snowboard, starting your preseason training now will improve your strength, endurance, and flexibility in time to improve your overall performance and decrease your chance of injury on the […]

30 Oct 19
Preseason Training for the Slopes Preseason Training for the Slopes Part 1

Depending on the weather, we typically will hit the slopes sometime towards the end of December if we are lucky and January if we are not. That conceivably gives us around two months to start a preseason program to get in slope shape.  Starting a preseason program now will improve your strength, endurance, and flexibility […]

1 Oct 19
BeneFIT Physical Therapy how to rake leaves The Best Way To Rake Leaves

As we get into October the nights get longer, the weather turns cooler, and we get bedazzled with an array of colors on the trees.  As Beautiful as the fall foliage looks on the trees it never looks as good on your lawn!  Don’t let a weekend fall clean up tweak anything and prevent you […]

17 Sep 19
What is Mindfulness, and why is it important?

Life in 2019 can be a hectic mess of deadlines, events, school functions, work stress, and other such constant demands on our time.  As our phones have made the world in general smaller and more easily accessible it has simultaneously made it that much easier to increase the demands on our time.  It is common […]

19 Aug 19
How to Wear a School Backpack

With school on the horizon (Hallelujah!) it’s time to be thinking about back to school shopping.  After all the new clothes, sneakers, and other supplies don’t forget to pay extra attention on getting them potentially their most important school supply: the backpack. Frequently, children can experience pain in their necks, upper back, or shoulders from […]