Prehabilitation: Come to Physical Therapy Before Surgery

27 Jun 22
Prehabilitation: Come to Physical Therapy Before Surgery

Did you know physical therapy is not just for after surgery! Getting physical therapy before surgery can help cause a quicker recovery! What is Prehabilitation? Prehabilitation is a term that indicates treatment before a surgery. A study by Durrand, Singh, and Danjoux (2019) compares prehabilitation to getting ready to ‘weather the storm’ of an operation. […]

7 Feb 22
Physical Therapy modalities, Ice or heat Should I Put Ice or Heat on My Injury And Why?

At BeneFIT we are commonly asked the difference between icing an injury or using heat. Is one better than the other? When should I use heat versus ice and vice versa? The truth— both can be effective modes of pain relief if used correctly. First, let’s discuss the various effects of each treatment. Cryotherapy is […]

22 Apr 20
ACL Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Return to Play

“I TORE MY ACL!” This is, unfortunately, not an uncommon cry from athletes in 2020. In fact, one of the most common knee injuries amongst all athletes is an ACL injury. If you remember from our knee post  the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)  is one of the mighty four ligaments in the knee that is […]