BeneFIT PT’s Guide to Working Out: Just Do It!

20 Aug 18
BeneFIT PT’s Guide to Working Out: Just Do It!

Through your pregame, you determined your goals, timeframe, and laid the groundwork for your new habit. “I am committed!” you have to say to yourself. Now the put up or shut up part. From a workout stand point, there is only one short-term goal for the first month. It’s the first fundamental goal everyone hears […]

12 Aug 18
BeneFIT PT’s Guide to Working Out: Pregaming the Plan

Before you can implement the plan, you need to pregame. Say What!?! You need to have the desire and drive to get you to commit to the plan. Using Negative thinking to drive goals are  twofold: 1) Being tired or out of shape, tired of getting out of breath when carrying  kids up the stairs […]

6 Aug 18
BeneFIT PT’s Guide to Working Out: Creating a Plan

Creating a workout plan is crucial to success. The previous posts in this series have led to this post. The basis for starting to work out requires elements of the past posts in this series. It also assumes that you are healthy enough to work out. If you have any health issues, see a medical […]

28 Jul 18
Form a habit by going to the gym BeneFIT PT’s Guide to Working Out: Forming a Habit

So How Long Does it Really Take to Form a Habit? Dr. and Owner of BeneFIT Physical Therapy, Brian Ireland, said when asked this question, “Once I realized that I have been living a lie all these years I started to wonder how long does it take to form a habit.” He came across a […]

21 Jul 18
BeneFIT PT’s Guide to Working Out: What is a Habit

When talking to someone who exercises regularly about their fitness journey, you seemingly come away convinced it is just something that they have always done. When pressed, they often say it’s something they…just do. Oh, there may be a myriad of reasons, weight loss, to stay in shape, for health reasons, “so I can eat […]