15 Jul 18
BeneFIT PT’s Guide to Working Out: Commitment

Realistically, the hardest part of accomplishing any goal is committing to it. A goal and a plan to achieve that goal are useless if you don’t do any of it. For some, they convince themselves that they did enough by making the plan and the goal. That’s the equivalent of putting a DVD into the […]

8 Jul 18
BeneFIT PT’s Guide to Working Out: Help the Goals Help Themselves

To help achieve our goals, there are some necessary things we can do to stay on course, continue to motivate ourselves, and not set ourselves up for failure. Record Everything. The easiest way to know what goals to set is to understand what you are currently doing. Take 3-5 days and write down everything you […]

5 Jul 18
BeneFIT PT’s Guide to Working Out: Setting Goals

We at BeneFIT PT presume that all the people through the years that have asked us how they can start working out have had a reason to ask that question. Health reasons, weight loss, to ‘look good for the beach,’ whatever the reason was, there was one for the question to be asked. Which tells […]

23 Jun 18
BeneFIT PT’s Guide to Working Out: The Health Risks of Obesity

To better understand the health risks a nation that has 7 out of 10 adults being overweight or obese, we need to look at information from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They collect data on life expectancy and mortality rates of Americans. The most recent information they have is from 2015, in […]

20 Jun 18
New Blog Series Coming called “BeneFIT PT’s Guide to Working Out”

One of the most common questions the BeneFIT PT staff hears from people (patients, family, friends, and others) is how did we start working out!? Similarly one of the things in life we here hear the most excuses for is not being able to work out! How is it that “working out” can be something […]