Common Gait Deviations and How to Spot Them

18 Apr 22
Common Gait Deviations and How to Spot Them

The human walk or gait can compare to a fingerprint. Each person has their own unique and individualized walk! In fact, you might even be able to notice someone by their walk! Walking is a rhythmic, repetitive motion created at our ankles, knees, hip, trunk, and arms. However, issues can arise anywhere along the chain […]

11 Apr 22
What Causes Muscle Soreness After a Workout?

Soreness is typically loved or hated. Soreness can be a sign of an amazing workout for some people. However, soreness is almost unbearable for others. Moreover, what makes one workout cause soreness, but not others? First, let’s find out what happens in the body during a workout. What Happens When We Workout? Chemicals are the […]

4 Apr 22
Blood Flow Restriction Therapy Now Available at BeneFIT!

We are excited to announce that we now offer BFR at both BeneFIT locations! Blood flow restriction therapy (BFR) has been a hot topic in the fitness community for the past few years! We first introduced BFR therapy in a blog about a year ago. Since then, research on BFR has continued to explode and […]

28 Mar 22
Can Electrical Stimulation Help With My Injury?

Electrical Stimulation or “e-stim” is known in physical therapy as a feel-good machine. Patients often report feeling better after it, but what is it really? E-stim is an electric modality that uses the flow of charged particles to help patients. Here are some reasons why e-stim might be used in the clinic: Pain control Decrease […]

14 Feb 22
McKenzie Method, back pain in flexed posture picture What Makes Chronic Pain Different?

Most of us have encountered at least one person with chronic pain. Chronic pain is different the acute pain and can last months to years. Chronic pain is generally defined as pain that persists for 3 months or longer. It can lead to physical decline, functional limitations and even emotional distress. Pain can be classified […]