Summer Workouts
Summer workouts got you down?

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Summer workouts can be grueling to schedule in between all the Bar-B-Ques, vacation plans, weekends to the shore, entertaining kids, and that four letter word that never ever goes away: WORK.  Add in the environmental factors of increased heat and humidity the dog days of summer bring, it is amazing people are able to continue to get their workouts in at all.

Here are a couple tips to help get you through the day and keep those workouts coming:

    • Plan It: People are able to stay more consistent when they plan their workouts into their today lists, daily planner, or calendars.
    • Grab a Friend: Participation increases when you workout with a buddy.  It provides a greater commitment when someone else is relying on you to show up and provides a small boost of competitiveness.
    • Listen to Tunes:  Don’t only grab the tunes that grab you but research has shown that if you choose songs with tempos 1-2 BPMs (beats per minute) greater than what you are used to listening too it will help increase your work rate and can turn your pain, breathlessness, and inner voice screaming stop into a positive experience.
    • Wake up and go: One of the more common traits between the most successful CEOs in the country is to get a work out in before 8am.  Not only do they say it helps set the tone of the day, it puts them first in their priorities before the stress of the day.   Additionally, working out in the morning has the added benefit of being at one of the coolest and less humid times of the day.
    • Wear the right gear:  Summer training clothes should be light, reflective, and made of a material that is breathable to wick sweat away from the body.  If all you have is cotton then bring a few spares to change into as the more saturated with sweat cotton gets the less sweat is evaporated and the greater chance of overheating.

Hopefully, these tips will help keep your workouts going and get you to achieve your fitness goals throughout the summer!