Spring into a 5K!

Now that the weather is turning warmer and the days are getting longer again, it is a good time to start thinking about heading outside to exercise.  Spring time is a great time to get back into running and a great way to stay motivated with a new running program is to create a goal of running in a 5k.

The first step is to make sure your body can handle a return to running.  Either check in with your MD or stop by either of our two clinics so we can asses your ability to start a running program using tools, like the new ACSMs guidelines.  Once you are cleared to hit the pavement, there are a couple websites that should become your best friend.

The first is Runner’s World Training plans webpage.  Runner’s world itself is a great resource for everything involving running, but one of the more useful pages is their training page. The page stars off as a launching point for your race routine based on your distance goals, level of running experience, number of weeks you can run and even when you can do a long run.  A pdf printout of your customized training log costs $10, but that’s a small price to pay for a customized running plan. Once you know how far and what tempo you are going to train at for each day, you will have an idea or should know where you are going to be running.

For that, turn to MapMyRun.com.  By creating an account, this website allows you to create and keep running routes via an interactive map. It can also provide access to other runners favorite routes in the same geographical area.  It calculates distance and elevation of the route for you to take out a lot of the guess work After your run, it also gives you an accurate assessment of your route.There is also an app that you can download to access Map My Run right to your smart phone.

Armed with some basic “know-how” you can be running in one of the many 5ks New Jersey has to offer this time of year.  Head on over to Runningintheusa.com or roadracerunner.com to find one!