Spinal Stabiization: 2 Medicine Ball Planks

To kick start our Spinal Stabilization Video program we figured we would start with a wow factor!  And you would be hard pressed to come up with something more WOW! than doing a plank on 2 medicine balls.



What makes this humdinger of an exercise challenging is pretty much everything about it.  First you have to balance both feet and hands on 2 separate independent medicine balls.  Second, you have to have the prerequisite strength to maintain both your hands and feet on the balls.  Third, you have to have the stability in your hips and pelvis to keep your legs locked in place.  Fourth, you have to have good scapular stability and postural control to maintain your arms in place.  Finally, you have to have the core strength/spinal stabilization to pull it all together.

In this one your trunk is what keeps everything in place, where it should be, for you to stay on top of the balls.  If you aren’t able to maintain your core your back will sag, your hips/pelvis will begin to twist right or left, your arms will begin to shake or have the balls move away from each other, or your feet will suddenly be on one side of your body or the other but not directly in line with your trunk.  Any and all of which will have you tumbling down onto the floor hoping you don’t smack your head!!

As with anything practice, and having a good spotter, makes better.  Have fun and good luck.

Exercising can be a stressful event on your body. If you are not familiar with the strenuous effects of exercise on your body, currently are or ever have been diagnosed/told by a Doctor that you have High Blood Pressure, Heart condiditons, Dizziness issues, Cancer, balance issues, lung, liver, or kidney disease, have diabetes, are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, or have any other medical issue/ailment that would be necessary to confide in a healthcare professional prior to initiating any type of exercising it is strongly recommended that you contact your healthcare professional prior to attempting any exercises including but not limited to any exercises provided on this website. This video and any other listed on this site are for informational purposes only and are not to be undertaken without proper supervision from a healthcare provider, provided any and all medical issues/conditions that could possibly limit your participation have been cleared by a Doctor allowing you to attempt to perform any of these exercises.