Prehabilitation: Come to Physical Therapy Before Surgery

Did you know physical therapy is not just for after surgery! Getting physical therapy before surgery can help cause a quicker recovery!

What is Prehabilitation?

Prehabilitation is a term that indicates treatment before a surgery. A study by Durrand, Singh, and Danjoux (2019) compares prehabilitation to getting ready to ‘weather the storm’ of an operation. Thus, prehabilitation prepares individuals for their operation and helps avoid complications (Durrand et al., 2019).

How Does Prehabilitation Prepare?

A recent systematic review examined the effects of pre-operative exercise on success after total knee replacement. The study examined 889 patients across 12 studies. The patients ranged in age from 59-75. According to Wang et al. (2021) pre-habilitation training 6-12 weeks before surgery can directly determine the success rate of a total knee replacement.

In fact, the study found many post-operative benefits of prehabilitation. Some of the findings include: (Wang et al., 2021)

  • Enhances muscle strength
  • Improves stability of the knee joint
  • Decreases post-operative complications such as deep venous thrombosis, prosthesis instability or dislocation and infectious events.
  • Improves negative emotions
  • Reduces stress reaction during surgery
  • Promotes wound healing
  • Improves circulation

Benefits of Prehabilitation

Preoperative exercise intervention before knee replacement can also improve function after surgery. Wang et al. (2021) continued to discuss knee outcomes after surgery. The study showed that patients who underwent 6-12 weeks of prehabilitation experienced:

  • Increased knee flexion and flexibility
  • Reduce inflammatory pain
  • Reduced stiffness
  • Improve muscle strength
  • Improve joint function

In addition, the study argues that the myriad of benefits work to increase the quality of life of patients. There are so many benefits of getting physical therapy before surgery. If you want to resume your hobbies quickly after surgery, why not try prehabilitaiton!

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