Why is pain in your elbow called tennis elbow even if you don’t play tennis? Or golfers elbow if you’ve never held a golf club? Or your kid’s elbow pain called Little League Elbow even if they never played baseball or softball? Whatever it’s called, elbow pain can disrupt your lifestyle. It can make drinking your morning coffee painful. It can make you wait for someone else to open a door for you out of fear of feeling the pain. And it can make you not pick up your kids or grandchildren because the pain could make you drop them.

Fortunately elbow physical therapy and pain treatment can help you to move your elbow freely, alleviate your elbow pain regardless of what label your doctor gave it, and give you the confidence to pick up your loved ones again with ease!  The staff at BeneFIT Physical Therapy understands what you are going through, and more importantly–how to get you back.   It’s this intimate understanding that sets us apart from our competition and provides the basis of our core values for our patients: To get you back to your prior level of activity as soon and as safely possible.

Working With BeneFIT

It starts at your detailed evaluation comprised of a thorough past medical history followed by elbow measurements to determine various things like range of motion, strength, and special tests devised to differentiate your physical therapy diagnosis.  Additionally, we will examine the factors that contributed to any imbalances you originally demonstrated that might have led to your injury. Armed with this information we’ll make the appropriate adjustments to your elbow physical therapy program as you progress through your elbow rehabilitation.  We focus on not just getting you back to where you were, but also to providing the tools necessary to correct your muscle imbalances, prevent re-injury, improve your functional mobility, and have the confidence to be you again!

Some of the more common elbow injuries we treat are:

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Whether you hate to exercise, are the weekend warrior, or a Division I Athlete, our physical therapists have the knowledge and the tools to BeneFIT you.

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