Special Tests: What’s Causing My Elbow Pain?

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10 Jan 22
Special Tests: What’s Causing My Elbow Pain?

In our last post we introduced the use of special tests for diagnosis. We explained shoulder special tests, but this week we’ll be going over the elbow. There are many ligaments and muscles that attach to the elbow. The use of special tests can help pinpoint the structure that’s causing the elbow pain. If you […]

3 Jan 22
Special Tests: What’s Causing My Shoulder Pain?

Special tests are tests done by clinicians, like physical therapists, to help determine or confirm a diagnosis. If a patient comes in with shoulder pain, special tests can help physical therapists differentiate between possible diagnoses with similar symptoms.  There are many different types of special test used in the clinic. We broke down some commonly […]

13 Dec 21
How Are You Going to F.A.C.E. The Rest of Your Life?

A lot of times we hear people say, “I am hurt because I am old” and “It’s just the old age…” when coming in to seek physical therapy help. But why is this? Generally, when aging, people tend to decrease their level of activity compared to their “youthful” selves. Hence, when people feel like it […]

6 Dec 21
Shred Better With These Snowboard Training Tips

Temperatures have started to drop and winter sport season is upon us! For many, this means bundling up and getting out on the mountain! However, when it comes to snowboarding, what does it take to have a great season? Let’s talk about that it takes and how to prepare for snowboarding like pros do. Unfortunately, […]

1 Nov 21
Learn More About Sports-Related Concussions

What is a Concussion? A concussion is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). It occurs when forces are applied directly or indirectly to the head and/or body which causes rapid, thrashing of the brain within the skull. As a result, the brain swells and undergoes chemical changes which impairs brain function. While concussions are considered a “mild” […]