BeneFIT PT’s Guide to Working Out: Just Do It!

Through your pregame, you determined your goals, timeframe, and laid the groundwork for your new habit. “I am committed!” you have to say to yourself.

Now the put up or shut up part. From a workout stand point, there is only one short-term goal for the first month. It’s the first fundamental goal everyone hears and says “wow, that’s it!?!”, and I say “Yup! Just that one work out goal for the entire month”. That goal?

Just get to the gym! That’s it.

Your only job is every day you thought you could get to the gym you must get to the gym.

Don’t worry if you get there and ride the first piece of cardio equipment you see the whole time. Don’t stress if you move so slowly leaving your house that by the time you get to the gym you realize you have to shower there to make it work on time. Don’t go crazy figuring out steady state cardio vs. HIITs vs. weight machine vs. free weights vs. classes. Just get to the gym. You are trying to make a habit of getting there, of committing to the plan.

Not going to a physical gym for your exercise? Then your plan is:

Just get to the yoga studio, or spin class or whatever your choice could be!

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