Physical Therapy Without a Prescription Do I Really Have to Do My Home Exercise Program?

Many don’t realize that physical therapy comes with homework. In fact, performing a home exercise program is a key player in a speedy recovery. Research shows that patients who adhere to their prescribed home exercises are significantly better at achieving their goals and returning to function. Nevertheless, only about 50% of patients actually perform their home exercise program. Let’s dive a little more into why a home exercise program is so vital to recovery!

Benefits of Performing Home Exercises

  1. Doing an exercise at home helps create muscle memory. Muscle memory occurs when an exercise is repetitively performed. Hence, the best way to get better at your exercises is by practicing them!
  2. Participating in your home exercise program can help create a health habit. Why not have a good excuse for getting in your daily exercise?
  3. Home exercise compliance cap help prevent flare-up and stiffness that might be caused by inactivity.
  4. Staying engaged in a home exercise program can help you get back to your life quicker!

Barriers to Performing Home Exercises

We understand that life is busy and sometimes exercising can get put on the back burner. A systematic review by McLean et al. looked at what keeps patients from getting to home exercises.

Barriers to doing an HEP:

  • New to exercising or first-time exerciser
  • Not feeling engaged in exercising during the physical therapy session
  • You don’t believe you can do it
  • Feelings of depression or anxiety
  • Feel like you don’t have social support
  • Increase pain level during exercise

The best way to start perform home exercise is by identifying any possible barriers. Once barriers are identified, they can be overcome! If you feel like any of these barriers apply to you, please reach out so we can discuss them!

Overall, participating in a home exercise program is very important. Work, family and school commitments can make it hard to complete a home exercise program. However, consistency and repetition can help you get back to your life quicker!

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