Have Your Goals Help You in 2020

How do we accomplish our goals? This is a question many of the patients at BeneFIT PT at our Chester and Bridgewater, NJ locations would love to know. Dr. Brian Ireland, owner and Physical Therapist as well as the entire BeneFIT PT staff want to impart knowledge inside and outside the clinic to best beneFIT the greater community.

One resource is coming into either BeneFIT location for a free screening. You can discuss your  fitness and health goals with one our trained physical therapists. No prescription is needed.

Get Your Sh*t Together (2017) by New York Times best selling author Sarah Knight, is a self help guide to decluttering one’s mind of old habits and thought processes, so that room is made. for setting clear goals and finding success. This author has influenced Dr. Ireland with how he approaches his own goal setting as well the advice he gives his patients. Knight, a self-proclaimed anti-guru, her unconventional ideas have gained traction within the fitnesscommunity and internationally; striking a cord of many wo found themselves unable to lose weight or become more physically fit, because their positivity led to procrastination of tasks and ultimately failing time and time again.

Alternatively, Knight’s philosophy relies on being realistic with defined problem areas that need improvement and negativity over positive thinking, also known as the “power of negative thinking” as motivation to change habits for good. With fitness and overall health problem areas, this ideology works well in helping create goals when one doesn’t know where to start at all. negative thinking requires radical acceptance of unhappiness with certain things and the pessimism of these things not getting better they way one is living currently, so the urgency of accomplishing goals are higher.

Parade hailed  Get Your Sh*t Togther as, “An honest, prescriptive guide to skipping the self-sabotage and, frankly, getting off the couch and getting going on all those things you’ve always wanted to do but seem to perpetually put off.”

Personally for Dr. Brian Ireland, head of BeneFIT PT, Negative Thinking changed his life:

” I used to always say things like I want to work out so I can be stronger to carry my kids and have enough endurance to chase them around the yard.  Evidently that wasn’t always the best reasoning as my workouts would slowly dry up and disappear while my difficulty carrying my kids up the stairs increased.  However,  last year, after a night where all 3 of my kids begged me to carry them up the stairs, I was winded and struggled to finish the task so much I got frustrated and annoyed.

I realized I was finally sick and tired of struggling to carry them, sick and tired of feeling like I had just run a marathon doing a simple task, sick and tired of my wife and kids asking me if I was ok!  It effected me so much the next morning I was off to the gym!  Every morning after that when I just wanted to hit the snooze button I would remember how frustrated I felt struggling to carry them up the stairs.

That memory was so vivd that it propelled me out of bed and back to the gym each morning.  To this day if I have that 4:30am struggle to get out of bed I still think about how annoyed it gets me to not be able to run after them or carry them and it motivates me right out of bed!”

What to do first ? Well pick something specific, a small goal that you cam reach in a measurable amout of time. As always, WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING!

Check back soon for the latest health tips and come in to see us at BeneFIT PT in Chester or Bridgewater, NJ.