Happy Labor Day!!

Labor Day signifies many different things: the end of summer vacations, a three-day weekend, excellent shopping deals, and back to school. As you are enjoying the long weekend, please take a moment to recognize all the workers who have contributed to the well-being of our nation! We would personally like to thank all those hard-working and dedicated individuals who have made America what it is today!

In effort to learn something new every day, here are 5 Fun Labor Day Facts!

1. The first Labor Day was celebrated with a parade in New York City on Tuesday, September 5, 1882. But, Labor Day didn’t become a national holiday until 1894!

2. Oregon was the first state to legally make Labor Day a holiday.

3. Americans, including children, worked 12 hours a day, seven days a week during the Industrial Revolution.

4. President Grover Cleveland decided Labor Day would be celebrated on the first Monday of every September.

5. Wearing white after Labor Day was a “fashion don’t” that originally developed in the late 1880s. This rule was supposedly created by millionaires and was meant to distinguish the privileged, rich folks from the working class.


Happy Labor Day!

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