Getting Ready for Skiing and Snowboarding: Before Getting Advanced

Over the past couple weeks, we have been providing four basic exercises that will be beneficial to incorporate into a preseason strength training routine before this upcoming skiing and snowboarding season.  Hopefully, things are progressing well, and you are feeling some strength and endurance in your legs all ready.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be ramping things up with some higher level strength training exercises.  What makes these higher level exercises are the inherent increased speed, intensity, and force production that each requires.  We are beginning to move beyond static type exercises in a controlled environment to exercises, by nature, require a greater level of exertion and control of the body.

Before getting into the four new exercises, we wanted to point out that cardiovascular exercise and stretching continue to be key components to a stronger safer winter season.

The same theories hold true as in our first blog post regarding the importance of doing any cardio and to maintain your flexibility through daily stretching or yoga.

Hopefully, your pre-season training has become a habit for you and over this past month you have been able to steadily increase your cardiovascular exercise by utilizing the F.I.T. Principle.  If you haven’t considered utilizing the F.I.T. principle to progress your cardiovascular program yet, moving forward try to do so after attempting the more advanced four exercises.

Determine that you can handle the new exercises before doubling your progression with an increased cardio workout AND the advanced 4.

As always, before you start any exercise program make sure you’re healthy enough to start it safely and if you have any question/doubt or any medical condition you should check with your MD first before you rock and roll.

Check back next week for our next blog post in our new Getting Ready for Skiing and Snowboarding: Exercises and Tips Blog Series!