Couch to 5k Week 6: Lengthen Those Dashes ! PART 1

🏃‍♀️Lengthen Those Dashes! 🏃‍♂️

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WOW! What a difference one week makes! We certainly are living in unprecedented times with social distancing and quarantines in effect to prevent the spread COVID-19. We here at BeneFIT PT hope that you all are safe and healthy during this time. All things considered, it seems almost trivial to make a post on going from a couch potato to a 5k runner.


Alas, it is quite the opposite! There is no better time than NOW to keep going with your exercise program. Times may be tough, but life goes on, time keeps ticking, so staying in shape and motivated is still as important, maybe even more so now. Exercise has positive effects on both physical and mental health.

It’s not the end of times, as strange as times may be, we will all get through this by trying to keep life as normal as possible and stress less. There are only so many things in our control. With so many changes to our normal daily routines, holding onto what we have may help us keep our sanity.

Of course we have to adjust our routine to protect ourselves and loved ones from becoming infected. HOWEVER, as of now, there is no limitation on going outside of the house for exercise…  other than keeping 6ft apart from someone else.

During the quarantine, we are limited on where we can go out, with gyms, parks , malls, theaters, playgrounds, etc, all are closed off to the public. With our sources of entertainment limited, it’s even more of an incentive to go for a walk or jog outside, even if it’s just around the block. Fresh air is good and free! Say hello to neighbors you haven’t seen for a while, from a distance of 6 feet apart of course!

If you’ve spent much of this program traning at a gym, this is a great opportunity to get outdoors. The change of scenery may be uplifting and you’ll get a taste of what a real outdoor 5k will be like with varied terrain.



Plus, the research doesn’t lie…the healthier you are the better your body can defend itself against illness and virus’s like COVID-19. Also when this is all over, while some of  your friends may have watched everything known to man in a TV binge, you will have become more fit!  Who knows, maybe even more tan; no promises, since it’s NJ, not Florida 🙂  Here’s hoping for lots of sunny days. Vitamin D is much better than Vitamin TV 🌞. 


Thus, for these reasons, BeneFIT’s Couch 2 5k Series lives on!

We will continue with our Walking to Running a 5k blog tips, despite not knowing whether or not our 5ks in May will still take place, or be postponed. Fingers crossed they will! At the end off the day, if we are all more active, healthier and feeling better about our physical stamina and general health, does it really mater if we actually run in the race?  OR perhaps in these tumultous times, what really matters is the satistfaction of knowing we will be able to walk or run a 5k in the future whenever that  may be and  we will have become healthier people in the process.

Read Part 2 of Couch 2 5K Week 6 for additional great training tips to keep you on track with your training program, indoors and outside. The silver lining here is that many of us have more time to get outside in the sunshine and fresh air to walk and jog. Click here for Part 2.

Remember, starting any exercise or fitness training is taxing on the body. Before starting any activity you should consult a healthcare professional to ensure you can start the program. With that in mind if you have any questions or concerns about starting this walking program feel free to contact our Bridgewater (908.203.5200) or Chester (908.879.5700) location to schedule a free medical screening with one of our highly trained Doctors of Physical Therapy to ensure you are starting off on the right foot! 🥾👟👞👍