CEU Corner: McKenzie CSU Recap

This Past weekend, Dr. Ireland attended the McKenzie Institute’s the Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy: Clinical Skills Update.

As the name implies, this particular course focuses on reviewing and updating the principles and application of the McKenzie theory/techniques of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. The course included more intensive clinical reasoning and problem solving for the more advanced practitioner involving all regions of the spine as well as the extremities.

The course was a nice refresher for Dr. Ireland, as he has taken the course another time to stay abreast of the most current research available in the MDT treatment for the spine and extremities, and is excited to be adding these updated treatment principles to the treatment of his patients.

If you have an injury to your neck, back, or one of the joints of your arms or legs and have seen a Doctor or attempted Physical Therapy without much result then give us a call and perhaps an evaluation based on these Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment principles could be something that gets you back to being pain free!

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