BeneFIT PT’s Guide to Working Out: Pregaming the Plan

Before you can implement the plan, you need to pregame.

Say What!?!

You need to have the desire and drive to get you to commit to the plan. Using Negative thinking to drive goals are  twofold:

1) Being tired or out of shape, tired of getting out of breath when carrying  kids up the stairs or walking with them on your shoulders.

2) Being tired of picking what to wear on the daily out of a third of the available wardrobe because you are self-conscious of how different clothes fit.

A timeframe to accomplish these goals could be a beach vacation in 4 months. But instead of saying you want to be in shape for that trip, or envisioning a toned well defined body with a grey cloud covering it’s head you need to figure out a weight you want to be at; one that you feel that your goal was accomplished by obtaining. Calculating how much weight you would need to loose to get to that goal in the 4 months  is crucial. Being around 1.35lbs/week, research indicates is a healthy weight to loose each week.

Now that you have your long term goals set and an appropriate timeframe to accomplish them you have to sit down and critically look at your daily/weekly schedule. For owner Brian Ireland, “I looked for a time of day that I could consistently commit to going to the gym at, one that would also accommodate the length of time I wanted to work out. A time that would not challenge my current routines too much.”

He continued to say, “I know I can’t work out after work. I have tried it but by the end of the day either I am exhausted, want to unwind, lack focus, have so many things whirling around my head that I won’t take the time to work out but would instead attempt to address one of those work issues, or just want to get home to see the family. I know me and I know that I have too many distractions then.”

Finding and planning out your days and time are crucial for success. Some people use their lunch breaks and for others, going after work is the best time.

Every day of the week holds the same challenge…just get out of bed and plan when you’re going to workout. Instead of doing it on the “fly”, take the plunge and pregame your week!

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