BeneFIT PT’s Guide to Working Out: It’s All About You

Hopefully, this series has helped you to realize how important detailed, specific, and timed short-term goals are to achieving your long-term success. Ways that we can set ourselves up for success in starting or changing our habits. Finally, how through the combination of goals and habit-forming we can truly gain the consistency to work out.

At this point all that is left is….Just Do.

Formulate those goals, figure out the timeframes, look over your schedule, plan the attack, figure out a tracking process, and begin the journey!

If you have any questions about this blog series, in how to take the information here and start the process, or down the road if you have any questions on how to keep it going just shoot us an email.

If you are not sure how to progress the actual work outs take a look at our blog post on The F.I.T. Principle.

Who knows, maybe some day some one will be asking you when you started working out thinking it’s just something you’ve always done.

This concludes our series, Thank you for reading!