BeneFIT PT’s Guide to Working Out: Creating a Plan

Creating a workout plan is crucial to success. The previous posts in this series have led to this post. The basis for starting to work out requires elements of the past posts in this series. It also assumes that you are healthy enough to work out.

If you have any health issues, see a medical professional first to make sure you can handle starting an exercise program. However, before we get to “the Plan,” we want to share with you how this anecdotal evidence will work.

Owner, Brian Ireland said, “Despite playing multiple sports throughout my youth I didn’t find the value in working out until I was in College. Once there the impetus to working out was to walk on to an intercollegiate team. Therefore I would consistently work out by myself before the pre-season, work out with the team in the pre-season, and then practice throughout the season.”

As a result, he really only had to figure out what he was doing for a good 3-4 months by himself before the team would take over.

Unfortunately, this pattern continued well past college and into life.

Between 25-35, this pattern didn’t really matter; whenever he felt like he needed to get in shape or loose weight, he would go back to the gym, crush it, and after about 3-4 months would have achieved his goals where upon he would go away on vacation, slack off, and let life get in the way until the next time he realized he needed to get back at it.

After 35, life was fully in the way, and Brian no longer was achieving my goals after 3-4 months of beating himself up in the gym despite feeling like he still had the intensity.

“Despite the lack of achievement in my goals my work out pattern was fully in swing, and once I neared the end of the 3rd month, some life event would happen that superseded working out. After I entered my 40s those life events began to be orthopedic injuries, a socially acceptable reason to stop working out for long stretches of time,” Brian said.

These injuries helped him realize that his fitness plan was not a quick fix but it needs to become a lifetime event. “This is what led me to figure out how to slowly, methodically, build a fitness habit and make it stick. Without realizing it, I had started to utilize various aspects of the previous blog posts on this series,” Ireland said.

Check back next week for our next blog post in our new BeneFIT PT’s Guide to Working Out Blog Series!