BeneFIT PT’s Guide to Working Out: Commitment

Realistically, the hardest part of accomplishing any goal is committing to it.

A goal and a plan to achieve that goal are useless if you don’t do any of it. For some, they convince themselves that they did enough by making the plan and the goal. That’s the equivalent of putting a DVD into the player, making the popcorn, and turning down the lights to watch a movie but once the opening credits come on turning off the TV and saying that was a great movie!

For others they start their plan, they commit for a couple of days or weeks, and then they stop. Which is like setting up that DVD, popcorn, and mood lighting only to turn the movie off 20 minutes into the movie and saying that was a great movie!

You have to commit all the way to see your goal to completion and once completed your only as good as the last step you took.

Let’s look back at that 20-pound weight loss in 3 months example to illustrate this statement. You have to commit, all in, every day for the entire week to accomplish your first short-term goal of losing 1.67 pounds. If for the first three weeks you committed all the way and accomplished all short-term goals you should now be 5.01 pounds lighter.

Terrific, but if you stop committing to your goal and head right on back to the habits that required your goal in the first place you will never get any closer to your goal than 15 pounds away.

Now that you have written everything down determined what you want to focus on, broken your specific long-term goal into very specific, measurable, and attainable short-term goals, and are committed to seeing them through the next stage is getting into the habit of committing to those goals.

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