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Addressing Your Concerns About the Coronavirus as NJ Reopens

Addressing your concerns about COVID-19 while NJ reopens from BeneFIT PT on Vimeo.

As the country and state begin to reopen, we hope to provide peace of mind by ensuring your safety at our clinics.  As such, we wanted to highlight some of the things we are doing at BeneFIT Physical Therapy to ensure your safety.

We understand that one of the main concerns most people have is going out into crowded areas, unsure of any possible risks of infection.  To keep our patients safe, we will continue to enforce social distancing by limiting the number of patients in the clinic to one at a time.  As part of this, we ask that only the patient themselves come into the clinic for their session.  We are limiting our waiting areas to one patient while the treating area is being cleaned.  To ensure this, please call or text our clinics while in your car when you arrive for your appointment. We will notify you when the prior patient has left and the equipment has been sanitized.  

We have continued to go beyond CDC recommendations with our cleaning protocols to help guarantee your safety.  All equipment and contact areas are cleaned immediately after use with hospital grade cleaning products designated by the EPA as effective against COVID-19.  

Hand sanitization stations are present at the front of each of our clinics and we are requiring use upon entry.  Similarly, the use of masks continues to be required by all patients and staff at all times when in our clinics.

We are asking all staff and patients to notify us if you or a family member/loved one is sick, or has come in contact with someone who is feeling sick, or has been diagnosed with COVID-19.  Utilizing recommendations from the CDC and the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), we have developed protocols in regards to a safe return to work for our staff and a safe return to the clinic for our patients.  In the unfortunate event that a patient is not able to come to the clinic due to being sick or a possible COVID-19 exposure, we are continuing to offer telehealth services.  

Regardless of the pace that the state and country reopen, we understand the difficult decisions both our patients and staff must make in regards to returning to our communities on our way back to normality.  We respect any decision that you make regarding your own family.  We will  continue to serve our patients in the safest way possible, whether that is at our clinics or via telehealth, as businesses reopen throughout New Jersey.

As we receive additional information, we will respond accordingly in our effort to be a safe, strong and positive member of our communities.

In Good Health,

Brian Ireland

Owner, BeneFIT Physical Therapy