BeneFIT PT & Action For Distraction

In Physical Therapy we meet so many interesting and great people but every now and then we meet someone truly extraordinary that you can’t help but notice. That is the case with a friend of mine who limped into my clinic one fine day this past fall. His name is Zach Rice and as often is the case when we see young people in our office, life has kind of thrown him a curve ball. You see he developed a septic hip (a significant infection in his hip joint) which required some intensive surgery, followed by some significant time spent in the hospital, followed by some more bad luck, followed by some more surgery, and some more extensive time in the hospital. Not a fun time for anyone let alone a 10 year old boy but during his hospitalization at the Goryeb Children’s Center his dad was able to bring in his gaming system and some games. Afterwards Zach was able to get through the day by being distracted playing his favorite video games.

Since getting out of the hospital Zach has been progressing through his rehab but apparently he also kept thinking about all those other kids lying in their hospital beds bored out of their minds trying to fight their own good fights to get better. He was wondering if there was a way that he could get money to buy gaming systems and games (like Xbox, PS3, and Wii) to donate to the Goryeb Children’s Center so all the kids there can distract their minds on other things then being stuck in a hospital bed. As a result this enterprising young man has taken it upon himself to create the Action for Distraction fundraiser!!

The inaugural race will be Saturday April 27th, 2013 at Loantaka Brook Reservation at Kitchell Road in Morristown NJ

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