3 Reasons to Schedule a Tee Time This Season

This weeks warm weather is getting us ready for golfing season! Whether you’re new to golf this year or counting down the days until you’re back on the green, you can’t deny the health benefits of golfing!

It’s well-known that golfing is unlike many other sports. Golf can be played by almost anyone at almost any age! Golf is a little more lax and slower-paced than football and basketball. However, golfing still has many health benefits such as improving physical, mental, and social wellbeing.

Skip the Golf Cart for a Great Workout

We have mentioned in a previous post that current exercise guidelines recommended 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise each week. Why not get your steps in on the golf course?

Walking the course is a great way to get in aerobic exercise while having fun! Golfers are engaged in the game and forget that walking and swinging the clubs count as exercise. Try skipping the cart a few times during your next golf outing to yield additional health benefits!

Golf Your Way to Better Balance

Who says working out is boring? Golfing has been shown to improve strength and balance in older adults! As many golfers know, a well-executed golf swing involves balance and precise postural control. Research by Okuda et al. has demonstrated that there were large changes of weight distribution during a golf swing that make it so benefit to balance. Continued swinging on hilly courses and different terrains gives golfers an upper hand when it comes to balance.

Golfing and Happiness

In general, physical activity has a positive impact on mental health and wellness. In addition to exercise benefits, golf has high level of social interaction that can decrease loneliness and depression.

An article from Medical News Today discusses the positive effects of golf on mental health. In the article, Psychologist Susan Pinker explains why golf is so mood-boosting: “dopamine is generated, which gives us a little high and it kills pain, it’s like a naturally produced morphine.”

Overall, those who play golf tend to live longer, have better heart health, control their diabetes easier and prevent dementia. Golf also decreases stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. Get out there and golf today!

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